Twitters you should be following

It seems that nowdays, everyone has a twitter. It’s just a matter of finding the good ones. Here are some that I always pay attention to.

gabebernal– that’s right I put mine down. if you’re reading this blog, you should be following me ;)

CS Lewis Daily– Great CS Lewis quotes tweeted daily.
RickWarren– I may not be the biggest fan of his preaching- but as far as pastoring goes, he is one of the best. He is the perfect example of a shepherd, not just to his congration, but anyone who will allow him to minister.
The Real Shaq– c’mon now, do you need a reason to follow Shaq, the guy is one of the coolest people on the planet
Lecrae– this guy is legit. One of the most influential guys in the Christian music industry. The guy is just as much a minister as a rapper. Just as much a preacher as a lyricist.

HasenpfefferInc– I have never met this guy, i don’t even who he is, but he has some good thought-provoking tweets
SteffDeschenes– a friend of mine who I’ve never actually met in real life (if you don’t have anybody like that, then you’ve just not been on the internet enough). Anyways, she’s funny, insightful and an author.
dwcook– good friend and one of the funniest people I know. He recently went viral when he filed a motion of continuance so he could see the Texas Rangers first World Series game.

Any twitters you think I should be following?