Blogjot #5

Just a couple of random thoughts.

-So I am still running into the problem of accidentally posting half written posts. What happens is I decide on a post to write. I pick a day that I want to post it, and then write some of it. I don’t finish it because I don’t have enough time to finish it or I just wanted to write down a few of my thoughts so I know what direction to go. I then leave it so I can finish it later, but I forget about it. Working in ministry is a busy job, I am also getting a masters and taking 9 hours this semester. I’m busy, and for some reason I decided now to try and post everyday. Sometimes I just bite off more than I can chew.

-I am so ready for Thanksgiving break. I am ready for more than one day where I can turn off, unplug and relax with my family. I have been so overwhelmed with work and school, that I forget to take a moment and slow down.

-My birthday is about 2 weeks away. I’m not going to be 30 this year, but it is just around the corner. When did that happen?