If You Ever Want to Buy Me Something

My birthday and Christmas is coming up, and every year it’s always the same thing from my parents- What do you want? It also comes from others (for Christmas time). What is it I want? Well to be honest there are a few things that no matter what occasion (birthday, Christmas, thank you, just because) I would love to get.

-iTunes Gift Card
-Amazon Gift Card
-XBOX Live Microsoft Points

Seriously, if you get me one of those three gift cards you would make my day. But, enough with the gift cards here are a couple of other things you can get me:

-Golf Balls- i don’t really care what kind, I go through them so fast
-Tickets to a Dallas Sports event- doesn’t matter which, I’ll go watch it.
-a book from my 50 Books I want to read List
-something from my Amazon Wish List

There you go, seven things that no matter the occasion will make my day.