Websites I visit regularly

Bing– for the daily picture, they are awesome to look at.
Google– default search engine, why anybody uses another is beyond me
Yahoo– for the random news stories on the front page
Facebook– Social media… can’t without it.
Twitter– Telling everyone what’s going on, 140 characters at a time.
ESPN– Gotta catch up on my teams!
YouTube– How does anyone go through a day without somehow finding their way onto YouTube for one reason or another?
StumbleUpon– I love the random stuff that can be found when exploring this site.
Pandora– the best internet radio site, ever.
Digg– This is how I get the majority of my news. I can find a story about anything on here.
g4tv– I usually only check out the AOTS show page. I like checking out the vids and the DVD and gadget reviews.