Fall Retreat 2010 Recap

This weekend was the FBCR Student Ministry Fall Retreat. This is a weekend where we just give some kids a chance to get away and let the older kids teach the rest of the group. During this 24 hour trip, we have 3 worship sessions where 3 of our high schoolers give the message and then after each session we break into small groups to discuss the message that was just given.

The topic for our student leaders this year was “Parables of Jesus.” Each student speak chose one parable that they would explore. We had three seniors who delivered our keynote messages: Riley Firth chose the Ten Virgins, Regan Akers chose the Unmerciful Servant and Shelby Tidwell chose the Parable of the Sower.

After each message we broke into small groups of about 12 students and discussed further into each parable that was spoken on. We chose 2-3 older students who lead the groups and facilitated discussion.

For worship, my friend and one of our key lay leaders, Sam Musabyimana (founder of Project X, an evangelism group) organized a simple acoustic set and enlisted three of our students to sing as he played.

Overall, it was a pretty low key weekend: we worshiped, discussed God, and (my favorite part of the weekend) just hung out and relax. The biggest benefit this weekend brings us is just being able to have 24 hours where we can just get away from our daily lives and focus on what’s really important. God, the Word, and our relationships.

Below is a video of a modern day parable that was created by Francis Chan. Yesterday before our Bible Fellowships we had a short rally, where we usually give announcements and share a short devo, and to follow up the retreat. We showed this video to lead into the devotional.