8 things I’m grateful for

Too many times we take too much for granted. We are blessed and gifted with so much, and often times we still want more. So today, let’s stop to smell the roses. Take time out of our day to truly appreciate the life God has given us and everything in it.

1.) My wonderful parents who love me unconditionally- one day I’ll write them a letter telling them how much I love them.

2.) The students at my church who I love spending time with. They brighten up any day. No matter how crappy or frustrating my day may be, they make it better. They are the reason why I’ve stuck around this student ministry for so long. The day I will have to leave them will be a hard day.

3.) Good friends. Fun to hang out with and open to deep conversation. I gain a lot of my strength from solid friends who are always there for me.

4.) Terry Bodwell my ministry assistant. Make sure you read that right. She’s no secretary, she’s a ministry assistant, because there is no way Randy or myself can do what we do without her. I hope in my next ministry I have an assistant who is half the person Miss Terry is.

5.) October baseball. How wonderful it really is. I’ve never been excited for playoff baseball before. The Rangers always seem to fall short. Then with teams like the Yankees, Red Sox and Phillies winning every year, I completely lose interest. But not this year, I haven’t been this excited about a sporting event since the 2007 Fiesta Bowl Boise State vs. Oklahoma. But even that game did not match the satisfaction I felt when Neftali Feliz struck out A-Rod to advance to the World Series.

6.) Pets. My family lost a dog this year, it was a sad day. Zoey was going to turn 14 that next week. She was a wonderful addition to the family. Her passing taught me one thing. Pets enrich and enhance the lives of the family they belong to. Even though they aren’t people, they are still a very important part of the family that love and love life just as much (if not more) as any person.

7.) This may be weird coming from me, but I’m thankful for President Obama. Even though I don’t agree with him politically, I truly do believe he is doing what he feels is best for the country. I am honestly disgusted with how people have and still treat Bush. Yes, the man made some mistakes. But, he’s human. I am a supporter of Bush, even to this day, and I truly believed he was trying to do what he felt was best for the country. And I swear that I never want to treat a president like people have treated him. So President Obama, you may be a crazy liberal, but I appreciate your hard work, and even though I didn’t vote for you and never will, you are still the President and I will respect you.

8.) My health and youth. This is something that I feel like I’ve taken for granted over the last few years. But that is something I want to change. What started as just a weekly racquetball game with my roommate, is now starting to become a regular workout schedule. I’m almost 30 and everyone keeps telling me that in a few years “things will start breaking.” As active as I am and some of the things I like to do, this is a bit disheartening, so I need to be proactive in taking care of myself.

One thing I urge you to do during this Thanksgiving weekend is to find what you are grateful for. Life is a beautiful thing, don’t forget what makes it beautiful. No matter where you are in life, in the ups and downs, there are things that you can be grateful for, it’s just a matter of looking in the right places.


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