Twitter is pretty amazing. There is so much good content that sometimes I can’t retweet everything. Here is some good content from various sources

-Praise to you Jesus for putting the thirst for God’s approval in the hearts of my friends, well tended men-sheep of God
-just when I got nothing left, that’s when I find you!

-Let’s all forgive someone today.

-Who agrees with me that nap time should be a part of every work day?

Ryan Carpenter
-in a perfect world love prevails.

-“Failure means I dared try.” — Dr. Jack Hyles

Rev Run
-Lust is easy.. Love is hard…
-Stay inspired!

-God creates then rests, satisfied in His work. We’ll never be satisfied in our work so its best to find it in him.

Mark Batterson
-quit criticizing and start creating. don’t focus on what’s wrong. do something right. don’t make noise. make a difference.

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