Bucket List #109

…is crossed off. This past weekend my friends, Ryan, Carlos, and I watched the infamous Dark Side of the Rainbow. This is the phenomenon where if you play Pink Flyod’s Dark Side of the Moon along side the Wizard of Oz there are several places where they seem to “sync up.”

The first play-thru of the album was creepy. There were several instances where the lyrics or music synced up the movie. Change in tracks seemed to mark change in scenes. The seconds and third time through was not as in sync but there were a few times that were of note. Alan Parsons once said about the coincidence “if you play any record with the sound turned down on the TV, you will find things that work.” But there were some times where it seemed like it was much more than that.

Overall, it was worthwhile to watch. Dark Side of the Moon is a great album, and it’s funny watching the Wizard of Oz with no sound. But, in the end I think my roommate Carlos was right in saying, “I’m sure the weed has a lot to do with it.”