Already Crossed off the Bucket List

I had a talk with a friend over my Bucket List, they claimed I am too ambitious and that there is so much on there. But what they failed to notice is that is a list that was created only like 2 years ago. There are so many things that if I wrote that list when I was younger much more would be crossed off. Here are 20:

1.) skydive
2.) Disney World (3 times)
3.) see my favorite band in concert (Linkin Park)
4.) visit another country (2: Canada, Mexico)
5.) get a tattoo
6.) visit the world’s tallest building (CN tower- 1993. at the time was the tallest building)
7.) See Niagra Falls
8.) graduate College
9.) go to Wrestlemania
10.) go white water rafting
11.) Have my name in print
12.) visit Washington DC
13.) gone to a college football bowl game
14.) stood in the Gateway Arch
15.) learn to play pool
16.) meet Mick Foley
17.) meet Pudge Rodriguez
18.) visited the largest mall in the world (Mall of America)
19.) rode the rollercoaster in the Mall of America
20.) attend a NASCAR race