Your day, in great detail

Alarm. Snooze. Alarm. Snooze. Alarm. Give up and get up. Bathroom. Pee. Toothbrush. Shower. Get dressed. Call Verizon. Target shopping. Discover better route from apartment to Target. Meet up with Micah and Emily. Amigos (yum). Ikea. Looked at couches. Couldn’t decide on a couch. Despicable Me. Xbox 360. Limbo. X-Men Arcade Game. Buffalo Wild Wings with Micah. Watch the Mavs at BWW. Barnes and Noble. back home. Organize. Wish I had internet. Check out random pics on computer. Xbox 360. Tiger Woods Golf. Listen to music on iPod. Blog. Now. Going to bed. Lights out. Lay in bed. Sleepy Time Playlist. Goodnight.

(Day 25)


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