Your week, in great detail

Monday, 20: Hung out with some of the kids, it was the First day of Christmas break for them. In the morning we made a couple of videos for Intersection, we were only able to make one and a half because the batteries on the camera died, but it was fun just spending time with them. One day we will finish making the rest of the one we came up with. In the afternoon played some FIFA with ATQ and filled up the vending machines. After that went home and begun packing for the move.

Tuesday, 21: Moving Day #1. I have way too much stuff. Went from 8:30 in the morning to Midnight.

Wednesday, 22: Movers moved my furniture. Finished getting everything else out of the apartment. Went into work for the afternoon. Afterwards, met up with parents and we went to the old apartment to finish cleaning up so we can get the full deposit back. Then I spent the rest of the evening with my parents.

Thursday, 23: Had the day off, so I slept in until 10:30ish and began organizing the new apartment. I reiterate- I have too much stuff. Went to lunch at Fuzzy Taco with Dad. We sat next to a girl that talked the entire time about all the drama in her life, I think it would be more accurate to say she talked about all the drama she created for herself. We sort of made fun of her when we left. Finishing christmas shopping in the afternoon, it didn’t take as long as I thought it would. Went back home. Watched movies the rest of the day as I organized.

Friday, 24: Continued organizing in new apartment. Went to Chili’s for dunch (lunch meets dinner) with Pattersons. Went back home and just hung out with the family and Pattersons. Candlelight Christmas service. Christmas Lights. Muppet Christmas Carol. Wrapped presents. Went to bed.

Saturday, 25: Open Christmas presents. Joy, love, warmth, family. A Christmas Story. Ratatouille. Rib Roast Christmas dinner. Inception

Sunday, 26: Church- Central Service. Tron Legacy. Decent movie, I was worried it was going to be terrible- but it wasn’t. Jake’s Joint for burgers, as always it was delicious. Went to Best Buy to buy a new 32″ flat screen, it’s nice. Set up TV, works great.

(Day 26)
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