This month, in great detail

December is always an interesting month. The first is my birthday and this one marks that last year that i will be in my 20s. But that is not what has made this month interesting.

I was stretched this month. My time, my mind, my stress, all pushed to it’s edge. I don’t ever throw around the word busy, if I say I am busy, I AM BUSY. (This is another blog for another time, but I hate the overused excuse of “I’m busy”) To start my crazy 2 and a half weeks- Our churches Christmas program was earlier in the month and with a week and a half of rehearsals that I had to be at and then the 3 shows themselves.

Right after that were finals. I had three that I had to do, all were exams that I had to write. Luckily, one was a take home but it took me a couple of days to complete. Then came two in-class essay finals that just about killed me. I had to study so much, just to get ready to write it all down in essay format.

Next was the move. Boooo! I hate moving, I seriously need to just get rid of stuff. I bought this book for my kindle called the 100 Thing Challenge where a man lived for one year where he only owned 100 things. I think I should consider doing the same thing. Anyways, it took me pretty much 2 full days to move. One day I moved for more than 15 hours straight!

Then came Christmas time, with all this going on- I totally forgot to go Christmas shopping. And with only 3 days left till Christmas! :o

Overall it was a busy month, but I grew. I stretched myself and realized that I am able to use all my time effectively, which is something that I’ve had trouble with. Nevertheless, it was a busy month. A little stressful, but a good month.

(Day 27)
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