Life to the Fullest

I really want to change the way I am living my life right now. As I look back at how I’ve lived my life for the last few years, I am somewhat disappointed. It hasn’t been terrible, by any stretch, it’s just…. My life is more like the movie Groundhog Day than I’d like to admit. I look at what I’ve done in the past few years and I realize that I haven’t lived up to the goals and ambitions I had for my life. I’m waiting. What for? Who knows, but that is what it seems like.

Over 3 years ago I came up with a Bucket List and in those three years I’ve only crossed off 4 things?! Now, it may seem I’m being a little selfish, but I’m reminded that ministries take on the personality of their ministers and I begin to think- What example am I giving my ministry? To be safe and conservative? To just do your job and go home? Wait for opportunities instead of creating them?

The first series of this new year for Intersection I will be teaching. It will be called New Years Revolution, and the main thesis of the whole series is simple, “If you actually started living today, what would happen?” I am going to challenge my students to live the life that God has blessed them with, that being safe and comfortable isn’t the life God has called us to live. But, I start thinking, is that how I’m living my life?

So I’m setting some goals for this year. And not just vague ones like “I will save money” or “I will study my Bible more.” No, I am going to get specific. Not just that, I want to accomplish them. I want to live a full life, because part of living a life inspired is to experience life abundantly.


One thought on “Life to the Fullest

  1. I sat here and reading this post it feels almost like I could have written it myself. Except for the Bucket List. Which I have only just started working on.

    Hope things turn around for you, and you can knock off some more of those things on your list.

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