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Hasenpferffer Inc
-are you a pilot, passenger, or do you have the humility to be a steward and serve everyone? my life is stewardship!
-there’s only 1 side of the story that matters…gods! at the end of the day, only god will judge you.
-faith makes things possible, not easy.
-a skyscraper started off with one brick. you are a small piece of lifes bigger plans.
-no words can truly describe what the heart wants to say.
-i believe he’s a god that always answers prayer…
-winners and losers have one thing in common… they’ve all lost at one point in time.
-love never fails… people do.
-i see potential in everyone. but it doesn’t matter what I see.. it matters what they see.
-life’s like tennis, the better you serve the better your game becomes.
-god is grace, god is good.. not just words
-any admission of guilt should be seen as a sign of maturity.. life is about making mistakes..

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