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Rev Run
-God lives in you! You were not born to be mediocre… ROYAL! Royalty I tell ya!!
-Hope! Pray! Work wit all ur MIGHT! go to bed at night… wake up & repeat
-Unclutter your life! (Simplify & eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary can speak)
-Be exceedingly happy ppl… God doesn’t bring you to deep waters to drown you but to cleanse you…
-When ur question’s wrong God says NO! When the timings wrong God says SLOW & when ur not right God says GROW! :-)
-negative thoughts are like birds, they’ll always be flying over head, jus don’t let them build a nest there
-When you delay your problem grows deeper roots
-You cannot change what you wont confront – DR MIKE MURDOCH
-man! if you could learn to love yourself, u’ll be smack dab in da middle of a LIFE LONG ROMANCE!
-Let Gods promises shine on your problems
-The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved – Mother Teresa
-risk more than they think is safe, dream more than they think is wise, expect more than they think is possible!
-Weak ppl make you weak..Confidence is contagious,, so is lack of confidence -Lombardi
-we 4get that happiness doesnt come from gettin stuff we dont have but from appreciating things we already have
-what would you do if u had 1 year left 2 live (be around & do whats important 2 you)

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