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Max Lucado, part 2
-If you want to touch God’s heart, use the name he loves to hear. Call him Father.
-Allow God’s love to change the way you look at you.
-The more hopeless your circumstances, the more likely your salvation.
-Before you were your mother’s offspring or father’s child, you were God’s idea. And God has no bad ideas.
-No one is useless to God. No one.
-Worship is the “thank you” that refuses to be silenced.
-Our Shepherd majors in restoring hope to the soul.
-I’ve never been surprised by God’s judgment, but I’m still stunned by his grace.
-The cost of your sins is more than you can pay. The gift of your God is more than you can imagine.
-Success is doing what God made you to do.
-God never promises to remove us from our struggles. He does promise, however, to change the way we look at them.

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