Time to get out of a slump

I’ve hit this slump, I think it was the Snowpocalypse. It got me stuck in my apartment all by my self. I would think, I’m going to take this chance to relax. One day turned into two, which lead to a third until I realized I was going to have 5 and a half days off, and guess what, I’ve done nothing. I had to scramble to try and keep up with school. With all that happening, it was hard to take time to think creatively and come up with good posts.

Earlier this year I had a couple of posts in a row that I didn’t like and that I posted just to post something, but it was a weak and fairly worthless. After those posts, I made a rule that I would not post something unless it was worth reading. Because of that rule, I decided not to post anything the last two weeks that wasn’t already scheduled unless I felt comfortable with the post’s quality.