Movies and Me

If you’ve read my about page you may have noticed a line I wrote that says “[I like] watching movies even though I probably won’t like them.”

I think I need to take a moment to fully explain why I say this. When I first chose to attend North Texas, I was in the Radio, Television, and Film Major. I want to be in Radio, but pre-req classes required me to take two film classes (among a couple of other intro classes) before I could move on to what I wanted to specialize in. One was an Intro to Cinema and the other was Film Perspectives.

I took those two class, but since the major was very competitive, I was never able to move on in the major. So my media education was ended up being only on film, and after two classes on Cinematography, Framing, Style, Editing, Literary Design, pretty much all things Filmmaking, I started watching movies completely different.

Before I took these classes, I’m sure I watched movies like the average consumer. But now, I watch movies like a critic. I over-analyze every aspect of the movie- directing, acting, editing, screenwriting, etc. It’s impossible for me to just “turn off” in a movie. So when it comes to most hollywood movies that are generic, formulaic, and uninspired, I can’t stand them. (More on this tomorrow)

But here’s the thing, I still like watching movies, even though I the chances are high that I’ll think it was just average or isn’t that good- I still want to see it. It goes back to how I watch movies. Since, I watch movies differently than most, I don’t have to like a movie to be engaged in it. If I was more current on my watching movies, I would love to be able to be an amateur movie critic. But the movie theatre is way too expensive for me to go regularly.

Ah well, waiting for it to come out on Netflix is good enough for me.