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Rick Warren, part 2
-I can summarize 35 yrs of pastoral marriage counseling in 2 words: GROW UP. James 4:1-2, Prov.13:10.Selfishness is the root
-Your greatest acts of love to God and to others are those you do that no one ever knows about.
-The more u know & understand yourself, the less prideful u are.The more you know & understand God, the more grateful u are.
-“One person can be defeated but 2 standing together can withstand & 3 intertwined as a rope are unbreakable” Eccl 4:12
-To be like Jesus I must feed hungry people.”I have COMPASSION for all these hungry people who have nothing to eat” Mark8:2
-Preach theology without using theo terms & telling people its theology. “Be wise as serpents & harmless as doves” Mt10:16
-You cant love people if you’re always in your study (or behind a pulpit). Walk with your people today. Listen. Hug. Pray.
-Most major decisions I’ve made brought FEAR but I moved ahead anyway.I refuse to be controlled by anything except Jesus.
-To amplify the impact of your public reading aloud of scripture, SLOW DOWN! Relish& savor each word of God.Let it sink in!
-Everytime you respond to pain with faith & forgiveness, your heart grows larger. See 1 Peter 2:18

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