When Leadership and Discipleship Collide…

is the name of a short little book from Bill Hybels. In his opinion, when these two forces collide, that as a church leader, Discipleship should win out. He makes a great point. As a youth leader, I am keenly aware of how often I get to see my kids, so when the opportunity comes up to see several of them I try to take that opportunity. I’ll drop what I’m doing (within reason) and join them, or I’ll take that extra 30 minutes for lunch. If the work is getting done, why do some church leaders act like discipleship should only done “off the clock?” Bill Hybels is right, when leadership and discipleship collide, we have to choose discipleship. That’s what Jesus did and what should set us apart from secular leaders.

Get out of the office and love on your congregation. God will never not bless discipleship.