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Rev Run, part 2
-Read the book,, Youre not sick,,Youre Thirsty
-Say what u want but at the end of the day ALL we have is how we treat each other
-Laughter is an instant vacation
-Opportunities are NEVER lost! Trust me! Someone always takes the ones u miss!
-You don’t need a reason to get up in the morning,, you need to be the reason other people get up in the morning!! lets go!
-Don’t let this wisdom lead to knowledge,, let this wisdom lead to ACTION!! -(J.Maxwell)
-Sadness may cause u 2 build walls,, but dont do it,, Those same walls can keep out joy also.
-Being happy is a habit.. unfortunately so is being sad.. choose
-No1 about 2 die says “Bring me my trophys & money. NOPE! They want family & friends! (Keep ur eye on da real prize!)
-Dreaming is a form of planning
-Best friends are like fairy tales, they’ve been with you since once upon a time, & they’ll be there forever ever after (tls)
-LOVE YOURSELF,, its the start of a life long romance! -Wilde
-The greatest weakness in humans is to hesitate to tell their loved 1’s u luv em while they’re still alive
-God is even kinder than you think – Mother Teresa
-“I dont know the key to success, but I know the key to failure is to try to please everybody” – Cosby

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