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Max Lucado, part 3
-The purpose of prayer is not to change God but to change us.
-Christ has changed you from the inside out. Temptation will pester you, but temptation will not master you.
-God takes you however he finds you. No need to clean up or climb up. Just look up.
-God’s goodness is spurred by his nature, not by our worthiness.
-With God in you, you have a million resources that you did not have before!
-Hell’s misery is deep, but not as deep as God’s love.
-God’s faithfulness has never depended on the faithfulness of his children. He is faithful even when we are not.
-Don’t measure the size of the mountain; talk to the One who can move it.
-God believes in u enough 2 call u his ambassador, his follower, even his child. Why not take his cue & believe in yourself?
-What we want is God. Only when we find him will we be satisfied.
-Weary of an ordinary existence? The cure for the common life begins and ends with God.
-We hide. God seeks. We bring sin. He brings a sacrifice.

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