Dream Soccer Team

Unlike yesterday, today’s team is composed of current players.
My preference is the 4-4-2 Diamond Formation.

1. Goalie- Petr Cech
2. Left Wingback- Ashley Cole
3. Left Centerback- Pique
4. Right Centerback- Lucio
5. Right Wingback- Maicon
6. Defesive Midfielder- Michael Eissen
7. Left Midfielder- Steven Gerrard
8. Right Midfielder- Clint Dempsey
9. Attacking Midfielder- Landon Donovan
10. Right Forward- Fernando Torres
11. Left Forward- Dider Drogba


3 thoughts on “Dream Soccer Team

    • to be fair, Torres wasn’t on Chelsea when I made this list.

      second- I can’t help it Chelsea is one of the best teams in the world! ;)

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