Okay, I have to weigh in on this YouTube sensation. Now, some people have criticized this video and the others have slammed it! It has been coined by some as the “worst video ever.” The people who “like” this song (i wonder if they even like this song or they just want to go against the grain) seem to be in the very small minority.

In my opinion, lyrically this song is a disaster. Because of those lyrics, I thought it was a joke or parody of some sort the first time I saw it. It was silly for the first part, but during the bridge right before the rap I lost it and couldn’t stop laughing. “We we we so excited” and “Tomorrow is saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards”! Really that’s the best those songwriters could come up with?

Now, I honestly fell like the general public has been really harsh towards her (who is a 13 year old). Saying things from pop-hating criticisms like she needs to stop singing or just flat out saying she sucks to even more extreme things like she should die or cut herself or get a eating disorder so she can look pretty. C’mon now, it’s people like you why the world is turing in to a bad place, not silly pop songs like this.

Honestly, I don’t if this happened on accident or what, but I think this song stumbled upon some musical cores that is essential to any popular song. It does have a catchy tune and chorus. You find it stuck in your head after only hearing it once. Although it is auto-tuned, what pop singer isn’t anymore. She is not that bad of a singer, because if she was there is no way that people would be watching it over and over again. If she truly was a dreadful singer, no one would be able to listen to the whole song. Yet, everyone I know, no matter how much they claim they hate it have seen it multiple times.

To wrap things up- yeah, it’s a pretty terrible song. But by no means is the “worst song ever.” This girl should be commended for at least taking some initiative in her singing career, she has tried harder than most of these people who are criticizing her.

If I’m way off, let me know. Am I too much of an optimist? I want to hear your opinions of this music video.