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Rick Warren, part 3
-Being Christlike means not only loving everyone as Jesus did,but being willing to be hated as Jesus was. RU OK with that?
-During a recession, dont recess, RESET… priorities,spending,relationships etc.
-Anytime doctrine & duty replace loving Jesus you’ll lose your joy.”I don’t want your sacrifices-I want your LOVE!”Hosea 6:6
-It’s easy to hide behind a pulpit or computer screen. Real courage is revealed by one-on-one evangelism.
-Those in ministry NEEDeach other more than they need to AGREE on everything.Build friendships with those in other churches
-God is far more concerned about who you ARE than what you DO because your character, not your career, will last forever.
-Feelings FOLLOW action. It’s easier to act your way into a feeling than feel your way into an action.
-Many truths in the Bible I only understand by obeying them in faith. Then later, looking back, I can see God’s reasons.
-CHURCH:Celebrate his presence! Demonstrate his love! Communicate his Word! Cultivate his character! Incorporate his family!
-God is your Creator,not your concierge;your Savior,not your slave. He is God,not a genie. U exist for him,not vice-versa.
-Never seek to validate your significance by the PLACE you serve. Instead make the place significant by your service.

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