I know

Ever had a conversation like this?

Me: I don’t get it?
God: What?
Me: Why you care about something as insignificant as me.
God: I created you.
Me: I know.
God: I knew you before you were born.
Me: I know.
God: I have given you purpose that will fulfill and eternal goal.
Me: I know.
God: My son died for you.
Me: I know
God: What is it you don’t get then?
Me: I don’t know.
God: Draw closer to me, and I’ll help you understand

Intellectually I get all that stuff, but there is still something elusive about God. Like a mystery that can’t be solved. It seems like that the more I discover and learn about Him, the more questions I have. That is why we need to press into Him. The more we press into Him, the more He will reveal Himself.


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