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Rev Run, part 3
-u MUST stay motivated! Ppl say that motivation doesnt last, neither duz bathin, thats why we recomend it daily! – Ziglar
-To be happy,, u must believe in happiness.. (luv that quote!)
-Today:: Dont get tripped up on the Love of power,, Focus on the power of Love
-If u want happy strong relationships\ marriage etc ,, DO NOT be a fault finder,, Look 4 the best in others
-If you dont have Christmas in your heart you will not find it under a tree!
-Some ppl find faults in others like there’s an award for it- (Ziglar)
-ppl who try 2 bring u down.. only do so… becuz ur up so high that they cant c u.. (truth)
-Stop telling God how big your problems are,, and start telling your problems how BIGGG your GOD is!
-Girls want to look perfect for a bunch of guys,, a woman wants to look beautiful for 1 man
-Shift happens! Explore, Learn, Share, Grow!
-endless 4giveness = gr8 relationship
-Readers are Leaders (S)tart (M)aking (A) (R)eader (T)oday S M A R T!
-Be careful who u spend time with! u cant hang with jus any1! Negative ppl= negative habits
-You don’t get paid by the hour,, u get paid by the value you bring to an hour
-Stop counting time and start making time count – Ziglar
-A day without prayer is a boast against God

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