Deal or No Deal Theory

Remember this old game show? Howie Mandel was the host and you had like 25 or so models holding briefcases that had different amounts in it (but you didn’t know what was in each briefcase), and the point was to try and guess which briefcases has the least amount of cash. Once you selected a few, this random, nameless, faceless Banker who would offer you a deal depending on which briefcases you selected. Anyways… I say all this because I had this weird conversation with someone recently on strategies for winning games shows, and I always had a theory about this show.

The prettiest girls had the most money. I know this sounds terrible, but I would pick all the not as good looking girls to eliminate first. Every time I watched the show, I was always proven right as the gorgeous model was the one with the million dollar briefcase and one of the so-so girls had the $.01 briefcase. No contestant from what I saw, caught on to this. I was always like “Pick the ugly girls!”

Does that make me a bad person? haha

Did you have any fool-proof strategies for any games shows? Let me hear them?

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