Retweet #23

Lee Ann Funk
-Give someone a hug, smile, high five, letter, random act of love today. The smallest actions of kindness make the biggest differences.

Darrell Cook
-If I could push a button that forever ends the use of emoticons, but a small child would die, I would have to think about it.

Hasenpferffer Inc
-i cant do it without god..
-no matter how well you behave or how many rules you follow, it doesn’t mean a thing if your hearts not right..

Jim Denison
-In the Bible, God is a King. In our culture, he is a hobby. When we make God our King and submit to his Spirit, we experience his joy.

CB Sutton
-Oh God, continue giving me the hunger and desire for your Word that brings life rather than than the words of twitter/facebook.

Mike Clark
-“Every saint has a past. Every sinner has a future”

Ian Shows
-My learning of the day: being near God is so much better than not. Now to live it.

Sara Lucado
-“Don’t have any thoughts about yourself that God wouldn’t have about you.”

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