Retweet #24

Rick Warren, part 4
-When tempted to pride over achievements remember John 3:27″A man can receive nothing except what is GIVEN him from heaven”
-U help MORE if u teach people how to do a skill 4 themselves instead of doing it 4 them.Most mission trips FAIL at this!
-Much prayer=much power. Little prayer=little power. No prayer=no power.
-Tech tools are GREAT but if u spend more time with a screen than face-to-face with members don’t call yourself a PASTOR.
-GREAT people make others feel great.Small people make others feel small.”Encourage each other & build each other up”1Th5:11
-No church gives&serves sacrificially til the pastor models it PERSONALLY,asks for it UNAPOLOGETICALLY,expects it CONFIDENTLY
-God doesnt need your permission to bless & use me. God doesnt need my permission to bless & use you. See Romans14:4
-People respond to responsibility. But if you treat them as babies you’ll have to diaper them the rest of your ministry.
-The more you indulge your self, the more your self will demand. (See Prov.27:20)
-Your dominant sin seeks friendships that affirm it. The critical find other critics in a church.Gossips attract gossips,etc
-A good leader thinks about the next move. A great leader is thinking about an entire strategy.

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