Retweet #25

Rev Run, part 4
-Find hope on your darkest days and the rest of your life will become simple!
-You learn how to pray by praying
-Jealousy is all the fun you think they had
-Demolish the bridges that are behind you, then you will have no choice but to move foward!
-1 fake friend, can do more harm than 10 enemies.. real tlk! (who u wit?)
-Have no friends who denies your right to grow!!
-many Immature men fake their love for sex.. and many love starved women give sex that they dont enjoy 4 love
-God sent you here to do something,, now do it!!!! – Diddy
-There is no spot where God is not
-Life is funny,,, If you refuse to accept nothing but the BEST that’s what you get!
-The problem with not havin a goal is.. u can spend ur entire life runnin up & down the field & NEVER SCORE!
-Be great! This way you won’t have to be envious of others
-No one can take ur talent from you!! ppl might be able 2 chase a bird off their porch,, but they cant remove their ability 2 FLY!
-STOP! looking for happiness and create it
-God said in scripture,, My name is I AM… I AM whatever you need Me to be

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