Lunch at Fuzzys

Recently, my dad and I went out to lunch together to Fuzzys. He had never had been before so I suggested we go there for our somewhat weekly lunch. When we got there there wasn’t much room to sit so we just sat at the first table that had two available seats. We happen to sit next to these two college age girls.

For about the first five to ten minutes, it was business as usual as my dad and I shared a few stories, a few laughs, etc. But I began to notice that one of the girls that was sitting next to us was just talking and talking and talking. As conversation slowed down with my dad, I began to notice her even more. She was just babbling on about the drama in her life.

My dad and I had been there for at least thirty minutes now and I began to realize that except for maybe the first couple of minutes, that one girl had been talking the whole time, going on and on about nothing. I think my dad noticed to as we both had stopped talking and were perplexed by this girl’s ramblings.

I took a look over at them and the second girl had this glazed over look like she just did not care about this other girl’s drama. What’s even funnier was, just then my dad texts me, “think this girl talks enough?” It took all my energy to not just lose it.

As my dad and I left, she was STILL talking. Once we get outside we start laughing, did this girl have enough drama in her life? And even though she claimed (several times) that she hates ‘stupid drama,’ she sure seemed to be basking in it. Once we got back in the car to head back home, my dad made an interesting observation. Has the rise in popularity of reality television and all the drama that seems to get these attention permeated our culture to the point where having drama in one’s life is like a badge of honor. In other words, the more drama you have in your life, the more important you are?

Interesting thought- what do you think?


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