Judgement Day is nigh!!

According to Christian Radio Broadcaster, Harold Camping, Judgement Day will begin tomorrow, May 21, at 6 pm. There is even a eTract on this describing how this day was “discovered.” It’s very thorough, with lots of scripture used to back it’s claims. But there is something that still doesn’t sit right when one (especially a Christian reads it). First off for me, he makes some rather bold claims as to when exactly certain events in biblical history happen. Then, he moves on to have certain passages of scripture to apply to one part of his calculation but not others.

Now, I can pick apart his claim all day long, but that is not why I wanted to wrote this post. I wrote this because I honestly don’t care when the end of the world is coming. Why should that effect how I live as a Christian? Everyday could be the end of the world or the day I die. Every new day is a gift from God and I should be living as if today is the last day for someone to hear the gospel. If tomorrow is the day, great! I get to see Jesus and begin the rest of eternity to worship the King. But until that day I finally get to see Him, I will continue to serve Him on this planet. As should we all.

Matthew 25:13


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