Retweet #27

Matt Chandler
-Jesus is not a means to an end…He’s the goal or you’re an idolater
-Note to other Christian leaders: King Saul was anointed too & lost it because he forgot where it came from
-Lots of baptisms this weekend at @villagechurchtx …that God saves and who He saves humbles my heart…Thank you great King
-rebellion against God is suicide
-Reading through the Proverbs is humbling…nothing like seeing how often you’re the fool to make you cling to the cross

Judah Smith
-God is proud of you, He delights in you! Please think on this today and stop obsessing over your faults.
-Law is Truth without Grace. Truth is never to be apart from Grace. To separate Grace and Truth is to separate Jesus…John 1:14
-Christianity is a response to His Grace not a reaction to His Wrath.
-Preaching is an extension of your life not your head!
-God loved u yesterday so it proves He loves u today…for yesterday He knew what u would do today…so rest in His Love!

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