In-N-Out Allen

Yesterday, I went with a few friend to see what the big deal was with this In-N-Out place. I’ve heard of it before they announced locations opening in Dallas as it is quite a big deal in California. I avoided the initial rush, and it looked like a good decision as the first couple of weeks had waits that were hours long! I don’t care how good a fast food burger is, I’m not waiting any more than 30-45 minutes. But we lucked out and only had to wait in line for about 5 minutes.

Verdict: The burger was tasty! Generally it’s a good size burger, but if I go again I think I am going to get a bigger size. The fries, however, left a lot to be desired- I was not impressed with them at all. I would definitely go there again for the burger, but I need to search their above mentioned hidden menu for a way to improve those fries.

Double Meat Whataburger > Wendy’s Baconator > BK Double/Triple Stacker > In-N-Out Double-Double > Jack in the Box Ultimate Cheeseburger > McDonalds Double Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese > Sonic Double Cheeseburger


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