Gotta get down on Friday

There is no more “Friday” by Rebecca Black. As of Monday June 12, the official Friday music video was taken down on from YouTube. over 3 million dislikes and 160 million views later, Friday’s reign of pop culture dominance seem to have ended.

To be honest, I’m kinda sad that it’s gone. As my friend once said about a similar situation- Rebecca was like “the kid you always picked on who never fought back, and then one day you find out they moved and you never got the chance to apologize.” It wasn’t that bad of a song either, everyone had hear worse. The only reason it got so much negative attention was because it was an easy target.

But we need to move on because that’s just because that’s so “Last Friday Night” as Katy Perry puts it. I had a discussion with another friend as to why the epic “Friday” music video disappeared. He simply put that it was a set up for something big about to go down. It seemed as though he was right because once her video disappeared, the video below premiered.

In 1:46 of the video below, Rebecca Black makes an unexpected return as a “main character.” I guess you can’t make a music video about Friday without the expert on Friday! Also making cameo appearances in this video are Artie from Glee, Kenny G, Hanson, Corey Feldman and Debbie Gibson. In addition there is this 80s feel that makes this video almost irresistible to watch.

For all you Friday haters…. who’s laughing now, Rebecca got to make a music video with Katy Perry, and you’re still sitting in front of your computer trying to justify your life by insulting others. In the words of Corey Feldman “Rebecca Black is a nice girl.”

[photo via Mashable]

Update: Okay it seems that Friday makes it’s return… on Friday! But something is curious about where it was reposted. On a Vevo… does that mean she’s signed or at least on track to make more? Only time will tell.


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