Heart Attack Grill Review

As you may recall, I visited and wrote a review on In-N-Out Burger when it finally made it’s appearance in Dallas (Allen more specifically). Today, my judgement will come down on another new-to-Dallas establishment that recently opened in the West End in downtown.

This place has made its name not on its food but its gimmick. The founder/manager dresses as a doctor and the wait staff is all dressed like nurses. Upon walking in, each customer has to put on a hospital gown and here’s the kicker – if you weigh over 350 pounds you get to eat for free!

As far as their burgers go, they are “famous” for their Double Bypass Burger. But they have a Quadruple Bypass which we saw one person get. Each patty on these burgers are 1/2 pound. So a Double is one pound of meat and a Quad is TWO pounds! They are so huge. But we made it a point to eat it all, to finish it off and while my stomach later hated me for this, I was worth it.

Verdict: One of the best burger I’ve had. Bold statement, I know, but I can not explain how delicious this burger was as I bit down on those 1700 calories.

I won’t compare this to other fast food burgers because I think that is comparing apples to oranges. So I will compare it to other burger joints I frequent.

Heart Attack Grill > Jakes Joint > Fudds > Twisted Root > Any casual dining burger (ie Chili’s, Chedders, etc.)


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