Hello Birchington

Well we are all here and excited to get started, even though most of us have been going the last 40 on just a couple hours of sleep (if that). But we all are able to get to meet our host families early and we can get settled in and ready to go for our first day before everyone gets here.

We have 5 returning members of the team: Regan, Rylie, Elin, Drew and myself. Joining us will be 7 new members: Danny, Meagan, Jackie, Shelby, Elizabeth, Abby, and Justin. We have such a great team and I am excited I get to spend my last official event as youth ministry intern with this group.

The arrival of most team-members and the preparation for the Holiday Club officially starts tomorrow. Those of us who are returning members are excited to see all our old friends for the first time in a long time. Out new members are just as excited because they’ve heard all the stories and and great times we’ve had with all these people and they are ready to meet them.

My overall assessment of day 1- exhausted and ready to catch up on some sleep, but excited for the great couple of weeks we have ahead of us. Be looking for future posts as I hope to be able to post as much as I did last year. Being praying for us- for rest, for our hearts to be ready for the mission that lies ahead of us, and for the safe arrival of all our friends and fellow missionaries as they all begin to arrive tomorrow.


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