The First Official Day

We are all getting settled in today. Most of the team that will be working the first week of the mission arrived today. We were able to welcome many of the friends we made last year and for the new ones, new friends are starting to be formed.

Today was also the first day that we started planning and preparing for our groups that we will be working with this week, so now we’ve had a chance to meet most of the people we will be working with this week. Personally, last year this was very helpful for me because I was on a team where I was the only American and didn’t know anyone else, but because of this initial meeting I was able to meet some new people who I ended up growing very close to over the two weeks last year.

In the evening we had a fun team social where, like last year’s first social, most of us played rounders. But there was a group of us who played soccer with some of the local kids. Both groups were able to get outside, get some exercise, and have some fun.

Sunday is a busy day, after church in the morning, we spend almost all day preparing our rooms for the mission which begins Monday!

Pray for great preparation and meaningful relationship building for us working the mission. But also pray for the kids that we will be working with, pray for God to start preparing their hearts for these two week. Pray that God will bless our hard work so that His kingdom can be glorified.

This was meant to posted yesterday. Be sure to read today’s post as well.


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