We are underway!

Today was the first day that we worked with the kids!! What a day! I don’t think it mattered what group we were in, Morning Clubs were busy and intense. Learning names, getting used to how things are done, controlling crazy kids- that was just a few of the things that we had to handle today. But it was a great day.

In addition to Morning Clubs, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of both weeks we have what is called an Afternoon Extravaganza. During this time we organize some games and fin activities for the kids of the community can participate in, regardless of age group. Each day is different. Today we had what is called the Tide Fight, we get into teams and build huge mounds on the beach and when the tide comes in we hope that the mound we built is the last one standing once the tide comes in. It was great fun to build the mounds, but the tide took too long to come in and most of us never found out who won. It was a bit of an anti-climatic end to an otherwise fun afternoon.

After dinner, we once again prepared for an evening event with our respective age groups. This some that we only do on Monday and Wednesday of both weeks and is mainly a time where we can spend some extra time with the kids.

Tonight we had another Epilogue, tonight I felt was especially meaningful for a couple of us which led to some great conversation afterwards.

Pray for another successful day in morning clubs. Pray that we can get some rest as some of us are already feeling weary and tired. Pray the relationships that we are building with not only the children, but our fellow workers as well. We are definitely feeling your prayers over here, they are greatly appreciated.

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