Back in the Groove of Things

I’ve been back from England now for over a week (sorry it took me so long to update), but what an amazing trip! I spent a total of 5 weeks and 2 days in England. The first two weeks was spent on the Minnis Bay Holiday Club mission (which was a great experience), two days in Paris/Versailles, 6 days in West England at a Christian festival called Momentum, a total of 7 days site-seeing in London and the rest just relaxing with my friend, Fabian.

I went in kind of half-way knowing what to expect, but like what always happens when you go on vacation, things that you didn’t expect to happen, happen. Not in a bad way (for me on this trip at least), but as much as I tried to prepare myself, things happen that you just can’t prepare for.

For me, I knew Minnis Bay was going to be a great experience and I knew that I would spend a week at a big Christian festival, called Momentum, but for some reason, I didn’t expect the trip as a whole to be such a spiritual journey. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful that I was able to have this journey on this trip, it was just unexpected.

I came into this trip, knowing that at the end of Minnis Bay would be my last official trip/event as the Student Ministry Intern at FBCR. I came into this trip not knowing what my future held for me, where I was going or what I would be doing. However, knowing all that, I came into this trip with a heart and mind that was more free than it had been in a long time. This allowed myself to be more open to the people I was ministering with, more open with my students, more open to the experiences I would encounter and more importantly- more open to God and what He had in stor for me.

There is really too much for me to post in just one blog, so over the next week or so, I will break down my trip and the journey that God had in store for me. Thank for reading, till next time.

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