English Food

Last year, when I went to England, I despised the food. I could not wait to get back to America and eat some big, fat, juicy ‘Merican food. But for some reason, this year I didn’t mind it too much. In fact, I somewhat enjoyed English food. The food didn’t change, it was still the same repetitive, bland food it was last year. But it really wasn’t that bland, the difference is English food is not overly-processed like food is over here in the States and one of the things I feel I was doing too much of was trying to compare it an American counterpart.

One of the things that I had to remind all my students when they decided to buy some candy or soda was “Anything with sugar in it is going to taste different.” Instead of using some kind of corn syrup to sweeten the food/beverage, they actually use real sugar -albiet British sugar, but nevertheless real sugar. Burgers were less greasy and more lean (but smaller). Cod wasn’t overly breaded or fried for too long and during this trip, for the first time, I had some quality Fish and Chips and it was amazing. This is what all the fuss is about English fish and chips, I could have this all the time.

I didn’t only get used to eating English food, but I started to kinda like it. An amazing experience considering how I felt about it last year.

So to finish this post off- some of my favorite foods in England:
1.) Jacket potato with super crispy crust
2.) Cod and Chips. Apparently not all fish and chips are created equal and luckily I was able to get some good cod.
3.) Gammon. It’s kind of like ham, but it tastes like it is cooked differently.
4.) real, English Shepherd’s Pie with lamb and not beef. It does make a difference
5.) Curry which is surprising considering I don’t like curry in America at all and at one point claimed I would never have curry again. It’s that different.


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