Minnis Bay Report

So I wrote a few posts with the hope of doing what I did last year and writing on every day of the mission. But, that didn’t happen, sorry. Hit a snag in my writing schedule about halfway through the first week that just messed me up for the rest of the missin and really the rest of my vacation. So here is a short report and commentary of the 2011 Minnis Bay Holiday Club.

The first week I worked with the Super-Trogs (15-18 year olds), not gonna lie, that was a great experience. Unlike last year, with the exception of Shamus, I was able to make real and deep connections with a couple of the students. Four in particular, Nicole, Vikki, Reece, and Tom. I hate that this has happened both times I’ve come over (and maybe this means I need to reevaluate what I am doing or just my perspective) but this was the first time in a long time I felt like I was pouring into and ministering to students. Even though I discipled a couple of college guys last spring, I don’t count that because I mean the teenage students that I see on a weekly basis.

Regardless, Super-Trogs was great and I loved being a part of that group and honestly by the end of that first week, I kinda didn’t want to leave. But I did, and week two I was back in Trogs. It was nice to be able to join the team of people that I worked with and grew extremely close to last year. There were also a couple of new faces that I was able to befriend. Overall, Trogs went pretty much as expected. Nothing too special or over the top, which honestly I think is better for middle school age kids.

I loved the group of kids we took this year, they were a very mellow, laid-back group that (other than one hiccup that occurred after the mission) worked together well and grew closer to one another.

It was a great experience this year and I do plan on coming back next year, but I kind of feel like that might be my last. Due to uncertainty in my future and where my path lies, I feel like next year will be my last. But that’s not written in stone.

One think I love about Minnis Bay that I think sets it apart from many other service opportunities and camps that some one can do, the team working the mission grow very close together. That part of Minnis Bay is hard to explain to people back in the States because there isn’t anything over here that I can compare it to. Below is a video made by one of the team member that I feel really capture how all the leadership interacts with each other over the 2 weeks. Enjoy!


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