Impossible List

I regularly read a blog by Joel Runyon called Blog of Impossible Things, on it he has an impossible list. Now I have a bucket list, but none of these things are impossible (other than the cost involved). But Runyon points out that an impossible list is different. An impossible list has things that are literally impossible, and that change the way you live.

Below is a list that for me, at this moment is impossible for me to accomplish. I can’t do any of these things with the way I currently live. They require not only action but major leaps of faith and change in lifestyle. An impossible list inspires and gets you out of a comfort zone. I hope this list encourages me to do the impossible.

My Impossible List:
1.) Compete in American Gladiators
2.) Compete in Ninja Warrior
3.) Run a Marathon
4.) Bench press 225 pounds
5.) Travel for 1 year straight
6.) Travel to all 7 continents
7.) Play a round at Augusta
8.) Go into Outer Space
9.) Stop Drinking Soda
10.) Shake hands with the President

Only ten to start. Gotta start somewhere.

See also:
11.) Become a Bullpen Catcher
12.) Reverse Tithe (give 90% and live off of 10%)
13.) “How Hard Can It Be?”

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