Favorite DS9 Episodes

I was disappointed on July 1 when Netflix released most Star Trek series to streaming. Actually, all of them except Deep Space Nine. Deep Space Nine wasn’t to be released until October 1. One my wonder why I was so disappointed. Simple- Deep Space Nine was different than every other Star Trek show that was released. Most Star Trek series are generally episodic and stand-alone where the status quo was returned to at the end of each episode. Deep Space Nine, however, was more serial in nature and really built on each episode. It really developed the characters and allowed them to become unique. At the same time, Deep Space Nine took risks and tried some creative ideas. Some of them didn’t work, but the ones that did were amazing, stimulating, and sometimes thought-provoking and inspiring.

Here are my 11 favorite episodes during the run of this series:

1.) The Search, Part 2 – The third and final episode in the introductory story arc with the Dominion.
2.) The Die is Cast – Interesting episode with a teaming up of the Tal-Shiar and Obsidian Order.
3.) The Visitor – One of the best episodes showing the relationship between Captain and Jake Sisko.
4.) Little Green Men – Sheer genius. Funny episode that plays on the Roswell incident, surprised this was the first time something like this was done.
5.) Hard Time – Interesting character episode with Chef O’Brien.
6.) Trials and Tribble-ations – A good episode integrating the DS9 stars with the Original Series.
7.) The Magnificent Ferengi – Ferengi make me laugh.
8.) Far Beyond the Stars –
9.) Inquisition – The introduction of the shadowy Section 31.
10.) It’s Only A Paper Moon – Nog lost a leg in an earlier episode, now he is in the process of psychologically rehabbing.
11.) Extreme Measures – The final episode with Section 31.

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6 thoughts on “Favorite DS9 Episodes

  1. How about Empok Nor? Call to Arms? Rocks and Shoals? In the Pale Moonlight? The superb episode of Sisko/Garak & Vreenak? And what about Waltz? The Greatness of Dukat (Marc Alaimo’s acting there). How about the battle scene in The Siege of AR-558? All the last 10 episodes of Season 7 – The Dominion war?

    It’s a masterpiece. DS9. Actually it is too hard for me to pick favorite episodes. DS9 is everything, everything to me. I love it beyond what the word love actually means, DS9 is just greater than all of Star Trek, it’s too far superior than trek.

    And Ira Steven Behr is my inspiration. I love that man.

    • Ah yes… I loved the final story arc in season 7 that ended the series as well. It was hard to narrow this list down to just 10, as you have pointed out there were so many great episodes

      Ronald Moore was the reason that I gave BSG a chance originally- he didn’t disappoint

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