Escalator Etiquette

There were a few things that took some time to get adjusted to when I got back from England. For all the similarities, there are a few things that are done differently that I had to get used to when I was over there and now that I’m back, I had to get re-used (is that a word) to the American way of doing things. I’ve been back in America for over two whole months now and this still bothers me. I don’t know why, but the lack of escalator etiquette in America is driving me nuts. On just about every escalator in England, you stand on the right, walk on the left. Even if no one is walking down the escalator, you stand on the right. I went up and down so many escalators in England (mostly in Tube stations) so I instinctively do this. If I wan to the walk down, I try to do it on the left. I hate navigating around people to walk down, it makes me feel rude, even though they are the ones being inconsiderate.

Don’t know why, it just bothers me. There have been a few instances like this that bring to my attention how inconsiderate for other Americans can be. Everyone is in their own world and don’t care if they inconvenience others.

[mini-rant over]

One thought on “Escalator Etiquette

  1. Seems to be a worldwide problem. The lack of awareness of escalator etiquette is a nightmare. Here in Sydney, it’s the opposite (stand on the left, walk on the right) however it is the exact same problem that people continue to selfishly block the way of others.

    Losing faith in humanity.

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