Favorite Game Shows

I don’t know what it is, but games show are fascinating. Everyone has their favorites and the ones they thing they can win. I think what makes them special is the the fact that it brings out best in us. I have never seen someone not have a good time in a game show, even when they lose they are like- “Oh, well, at least I tried.” It brings out the type of competitiveness in us that wants to have fun. Of course we want to win, but we’re not going to get ugly about it if we don’t. Game shows make us think differently,

Jeopardy: The ultimate trivia show, it asks questions in unique ways that really makes you think to figure out what it is asking. No average Joe can come on this show and win.

Double Dare: I’m taking it old school. What a great game show from Nickelodeon. A show where the whole family gets involved with physical challenges and the obstacle course at the end. What is there not to like about this show?!

Price is Right: Even with the retirement of Bob Barker, there is something special about this show. The audience participation is what I think really sets this show apart.

Deal or No Deal: A game of pure chance, but there was still some strategy to it. Howie Mandel was just about as good as Regis in creating suspense within every decision.

mXc: Okay so not exactly a game show, but it is based off a Japanese game show (so it counts). There isn’t much that makes me laugh like mXc can make me laugh. I was glad that Wipeout was created. Don’t know why it’s fun to watch people torture themselves like they do it this show.


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