Moving again

Gong through a move can be a pain… I don’t know about you, but whenever I move I always go through my stuff and sell, give away or throw away a number of items. In regards to this, I was told a saying that I think I believe 100% – “Three moves is the equivalent of a house fire.” Some say this is an old Chinese Proverb, another source claims a pioneer coined the term, in whichever case, these last two moves of mine have proven this saying correct. In this crazy world of materialism and trying to obtain “more stuff,” only when we have to move everything do we realize that we have too much.

Here is a New Years Resolution for you: spend a week or two this year and go through everything you have. I mean physically look at everything that you own and start to purge some things. Our lives will be less cluttered, you will have less stuff to worry about and with the things that you sell you will have more money to do stuff. If you need any motivation, just watch Hoarders on A&E- that will make you want to get rid of stuff real quick.


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