Top 10 moments of 2011

It’s been said that we are only the sum of our experiences. Here are my favorite experience this year!

1. Momentum A great time with my friends from England: camping in the middle of nowhere West England, worship every morning and night, it was a great week and worth the extra week I stayed in England.

2. Game 2 of the ALCS Rangers vs. Tigers. Extra Innings. Nelson Cruz hit a grand slam in the 11th to win the game for the Rangers! What an epic game!

3. Versailles Kinda threw this on my trip to Paris because a few people told me how amazing this place is, and they were right. This place blew me away, I wish I had another day where I could just roam around the gardens.

4. Playing craps at Caesars Palace I learned to play craps for my trip to Las Vegas, it was on my bucket list. Not only was it fun, but I made some money- especially at Caesars Palace (yes the real Caesars Palace). I started the night with a set amount of money, and by the end I had made over 500% of what I started.

5. St. Paul’s Cathedral One of the first major structures built after the Great Fire of London. The inside is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen, and although the walk to the top was long and claustrophobic, the views were worth it.

6. Eiffel Tower What a sight! It is beautiful and scary at the same time. The sights at the top were amazing. I was glad that this was the first sight I saw in Paris.

7. My weekly lunches with my friend Sam for almost two years now we meet once a week. I look forward to this every week. We talk about everything from stupid guy stuff to church and ministry things to just life in general.

8. Mike Satterfield at Easter Retreat This guy can preach- and he brought it at our student ministry retreat this Easter.

9. Preaching in Big Church in Birchington During the first weekend of the Minnis Bay mission, I was given the opportunity to preach for one of the local churches. It was a difficult sermon to write, I basically ended up doing a typical 3 point sermon with illustrations emphasizing each point (one was the, now famous in Minnis, Jesus Wants the Rose story that I borrowed from Matt Chandler). Apparently it was not only one of my best sermons, but one the best many had every heard! From me?! I was humbled, I kept it simple and left it up to God to do the talking.

10. ___________________
Enough about my year- Number 10 is for you to fill in. What is your favorite moment of 2011?


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