Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus

This is a video that has been making it’s rounds in my social media networks. I watch it and I don’t know what to think exactly. Take a look for yourself.

Yes, the words are powerful and the arguments are sound. It’s not the video itself that I have a problem with. It’s (what seems like) every one of my christian friends sharing the link on facebook or retweeting it on Twitter. They talk about how “truthful” this video is or how much they agree with it, but then they move on with their life unchanged. They agree with what is said here and they share it, but for the most part their life doesn’t change. Their actions stay the same. How they approach Christ, the church, and religion remains constant.

There must be something satisfactory about watching a video like this and sharing it, but the big problem is – IT STOPS THERE! It bothers me when I see this happen. We quote what theologians or preachers say and don’t let it transform us, we read the lastest Christian book don’t change how we pray or view God, we watch video and praise them relentlessly, and we get away with thinking that by doing this we are doing what we are suppose to. God has called us to be much, much more.

Maybe I’m thinking about this too much, but I when I see a great video like this go viral, but how we do church doesn’t change, I feel like we completely missed out on the purpose of the video. [end rant]

UPDATE: Additional reading from The Gospel Coalition


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